10 Signs Your Home’s Wiring Needs Attention  

If you’re a homeowner, there’s no doubt that you know just how important your home’s electricity is to your day-to-day life. You surely know how much you rely on electricity, too, given the fact that your name is on the electrical bill each month. But have you ever taken a moment to contemplate just how complex your home’s electrical wiring setup is? There is so much about it that you may not consider until something has gone wrong.  

That’s just the thing, though, right? Because of how complex your home’s electrical wiring is, there’s plenty that can go wrong—even something as extreme as a house fire. The reality is, when a problem does arise, it’s hard for the untrained eye to identify what’s causing it. But the good news is that there are signs you can be aware of in order to know when you need residential electrical wiring services from a professional. Knowing these indicators can help you get the solutions you need as quickly as possible, preventing costly damage or safety risks for you and everyone around you. 

Signs That You May Need Residential Electrical Wiring Services 

Any of the following issues may be the sign you need to set up an inspection with a professional electrician: 

Too Many Extension Cords 

Running too many extension cords throughout your home can create more potential problem points. In other words, cords can kink, short out, or get pinched, which might lead to tripped breakers, damaged outlets, or something far worse. If you have a need for a lot of extension cords, the safer option is to work with an electrician to have more outlets installed in your home. 

Lights That Are Dim or Constantly Flickering 

This is one of the more obvious signs that you need residential electrical wiring services. If your lights are dimming or flickering and it’s not the fault of a faulty bulb, it can be a result of too many other electricity-using appliances drawing from the same circuit as your lights. 

Hot Outlets 

Your outlets should never be hot. Even those connected to appliances that produce heat shouldn’t be hot, as that’s a sign that something was incorrectly wired within your home’s electrical setup.  


This is another obvious one, as anything that sparks within your home is bound to be problematic. If you find that a breaker panel, fuse box, or outlet is sparking, emergency electrical services may be needed. However, if the sparks are coming from an appliance itself, that may be the fault of the appliance, so your efforts are better focused on getting a repair or replacement set up. 

Frequently Blown Fuses 

Fuses are designed to fail as a safeguard against overloading. In other words, a fuse is bound to fail when too many electricity-using appliances or devices are drawing from the same energy line. But if only one device is plugged in and your fuse continues to blow, you may need to think about electrical wiring services from a professional. 

Tripped Breakers 

Like with fuses, circuit breakers can fail when too much is going on—as a way to prevent overloading. But if your breaker is failing repeatedly, you may need to invest in a circuit upgrade or the addition of a new line. 

Wrong Outlets 

Different outlets are designed for different purposes. There are certain shock-resistant outlets that are suitable for your kitchen and bathroom, as those are rooms where water is more prevalent. If you find that the outlets in those rooms match the ones in your living room or bedroom, call an electrician and have GFCI outlets installed. 

Frequent Burning Smells 

Your outlets shouldn’t produce a burning smell, for one. If you notice the smell of something burning and it’s your outlet—not a new appliance—unplug everything from that outlet and don’t use it until it’s been checked out. On the other hand, any weird smells coming from your fuse box or breaker panel is enough to warrant a call to an electrician right away. 

Loose or Damaged Wiring  

This is one of those issues that you can plainly see. If you notice that connections between your electrical cables and switches or outlets become loose, you may need something rewired. At the very least, it’s worth checking out. 

Constant Buzzing Sounds  

If you’re hearing buzzing sounds from your home’s outlets, that may be the indicator that something is loose or incorrect with your wiring. The good news is that a quick call to an electrician can help you identify and fix the problem. 

The Team to Rely On for Residential Electrical Wiring Services in Tampa Bay 

If you’re discovering any of these problems—or others—with the electrical setup at your Tampa Bay-area home, Meares Plumbing and Electrical is the team to call. We offer a wide range of electrical services and can even provide emergency electrical work when needed. Contact us today if you’re in need of assistance from the best residential electricians in the area.