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Safe Prices, Safe People, Safe Water™
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Friendly & professional. Jesse did what we needed in a timely manner.
Jessica U.

A Residential & Commercial Plumber Serving Spring Hill, FL, and the Entire Tampa Bay Area

A leader in the residential and commercial plumbing trade, Meares Plumbing is a family-owned company based in Spring Hill, Florida, that serves the entire Tampa Bay area. By emphasizing customer service and the highest quality craftsmanship, we have grown from a single plumber to become one of the area’s leading full-service plumbing companies. We can provide virtually any plumbing service or repair for your home or business, and we will do so with the professionalism for which we have become known since opening our doors in 1989.

What sets Meares Plumbing apart from Tampa Bay’s other residential and commercial plumbers? It’s all about our company’s values. We believe in providing honest work at an honest price. In fact, we guarantee the price of each job before work ever begins. Our guaranteed price quotes apply whether you require installation for a new water heater or water conditioner or some type of plumbing repair. We offer straightforward pricing – not hourly rates – with no gimmicks.

Furthermore, we understand the anxiety that you might feel when you invite a stranger into your home to perform work. We put a number of safety measures in place to help relieve this anxiety, from using only background-checked and drug-tested plumbers who are company employees to sending clear communication to you about the uniformed technician who will visit your home, with photo verification. We also conduct consistent trade-specific and communication training sessions to ensure your experience with our plumbing company is nothing but professional and satisfactory.

While providing general plumbing repairs to alleviate day-to-day issues is a strength, it’s not the only facet of our business at Meares Plumbing. We’re also committed to providing customers with solutions to improve their water quality and to address hard-water issues. We custom make our water systems to ensure each system we provide addresses the specific water problems our customers are having. We also make sure to educate customers on the types of plumbing products and services they require so that they can make fully informed decisions for their homes.

Safe Prices, Safe People, Safe Water™ – that’s our promise to you.

The next time you require plumbing services or repairs for your home or business in the Tampa Bay area, turn to Meares Plumbing. We are local plumbers based in Spring Hill, FL, and offer financing for all services to those who qualify.

Common Plumbing Problems


water heater

No Hot Water

We have serviced thousands of hot water heaters in our years of experience. In most cases Meares Plumbing can restore hot water within hours of the initial call. We are trained for dealing with tankless water heaters, hybrid water heaters, and solar water heaters.


leaky pipes

Water Leaks

Meares Plumbing services all leaks from tiny squirts to home-flooding gushers. We are on call to quickly reach Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando and Hillsborough. We have the latest in leak detection technology to quickly find leaks under your slab saving you time and money.



Toilet Problems

Toilet problems- Backed up? Gurgling? Leaking? We repair all brands and models – commercial and residential. From flapper replacement to complete rebuilds to new Toilets to emergency back-ups.



Clogged Drains

Drains Clogged? – From Backed up toilets to Kitchen sinks, we have all the latest equipment to restore flow fast! With all of our guarantees you cannot go wrong with choosing Meares Plumbing as your drain cleaning experts.



Blocked Sewer Line

Meares Plumbing is the only local company with Drain Vision. This machine uses aqua bright pipe rejuvenation technology that cleans 100% and restores pipe to new condition. It inspects drain lines for breaks, cracks, roots and build up. We have a 93 day “clog free” guarantee.



Garbage Disposal

Each Meares Plumbing stocks many of the most commonly needed garbage disposal parts as well as replacement units. We repair hundreds of garbage disposals each year, so you can be sure the job will be done correct and quick!


hard water

Hard Water

Hard water is the cause of almost all plumbing problems. Florida is notorious for hard water. We carry all types of water conditioning to make your water perfect!



Gas Leaks

Is there an odor of gas in the air? Even a hint of the smell of gas is a possible dangerous problem. Do not hesitate to initiate a service call. Meares Plumbing is certified to repair many kinds of gas piping systems.

Safe Pricing is evident in our 100% satisfaction guarantee and straightforward pricing. Every customer knows the price before we go to work; and if they are not satisfied, we will refund their money.

This stems from the background checks, drug screening and 417 hours of professional training every technician goes through each year before stepping foot in your home. In fact, only one out of every 43 candidates qualify to wear the Meares Plumbing uniform.

Safe Water is the result of our expertise in water filtration and conditioning. 98% of plumbing problems are a result of hard water prevalent in west central Florida. By educating customers through our free in home water tests and expert advice we can provide the best possible water filtration and conditioning to provide the cleanest safest water possible.

Meares might be the safest choice you ever make!

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Watch how much we enjoy providing safe plumbing!

Serving the Tampa Bay Area

Meares plumbing was founded and based in Hudson, FL for almost thirty years. We are proud of our strong commitment to that area. Our service base expanded into New Port Richey and soon we had trucks county wide. Recently, Meares Plumbing moved their headquarters to a Pasco County location in Spring Hill. We serve the entire Tampa Bay area including these Florida counties: Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, & Pinellas.


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