Plumbing Maintenance Checklist for Spring: Get Your Pipes Ready

Spring is a wonderful time for cleaning around your house, and it’s also a great time to make sure everything is in order with your home’s plumbing. In the Tampa Bay area, we’re lucky that the winters aren’t overly harsh on the pipes of our homes and businesses. Even still, there’s no better time than the start of the year to work with your local plumber for repairs, replacements, or maybe a simple inspection to make sure everything is in good shape. Here is a great plumbing maintenance checklist for the spring season, aimed at helping you make sure your pipes are healthy and ready for another year of optimal performance.

Checking for Leaks

A pipe leak is typically very noticeable and, in many cases, you’ll already be aware of it if it’s a problem at your home because it’s something you’ll want to deal with in short order. However, it’s still a good idea to start your plumbing maintenance checklist with a quick look at any visible pipes and ensure that none of them are actively leaking.

Assessing the Performance of Your Water Heater

No matter the age of your water heater, you’ll want to make sure it’s performing efficiently. You don’t want it to be set higher than 120 degrees and it’s paramount that you ensure there is nothing crowding the area around your system. Whether it’s boxes of Christmas decorations or leftover boxes from Christmas morning, spring is a good time to make sure that everything is moved away from your water heater.

Gauging the State of Your Appliances

Your dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, and other water-using appliances are good to have on your checklist. You should be sure that their hoses aren’t leaking or looking abnormal, plus you’ll want to double check that they aren’t in need of replacing.

Get a Sense of How Your Home’s Drainage Is Performing

This plumbing maintenance checklist should extend to the outside of your home as well. Between yard drains, gutters, and downspouts, you’ll want to make sure everything is all clear of blockages and debris so that they’re ready to perform at their best when heavy rain from spring showers and summer storms comes around.

Testing Your Sump Pump

Making sure your sump pump is still in good functional shape is extremely important as well. You can test it out yourself by pouring a bucket of water into the divot your pump occupies. When you do so, the pump should begin to drain the water and then deactivate. As long as it does so, you’ll know it’s in good condition and working properly.

Reach Out to Your Local Plumbers This Spring for a Thorough Inspection

While a lot of these maintenance checks are doable for you, we know you’re busy with plenty of other tasks throughout the springtime. That’s why it would be worth your while to turn to a local plumber that can complete a through assessment of your plumbing setup and make sure everything is in working shape. For homeowners in the Tampa Bay area, Meares Plumbing and Electrical is that local plumber. You can count on us for a detailed inspection of your home’s plumbing and if any issues arise, we can handle the repairs or replacements as needed.

If you want to get on the schedule for a plumbing inspection at your Tampa Bay-area home this spring, get in touch with Meares Plumbing and Electrical today.

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