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The Residential Plumbing Pros Performing Services for Trinity, FL, Homeowners

Residential Plumbing Services Trinity FL

The Residential Plumbing Pros Performing Services for Trinity, FL, Homeowners

Some issues around your home can be addressed using do-it-yourself solutions. Plumbing, however, does not typically fall under this category. So, if you find yourself in need of a skilled plumber at your Trinity, Florida, home, you can reach out to Meares Plumbing. We’ve been serving local homeowners since 1989, providing a range of residential plumbing services to tackle virtually any problem that may arise.

What Does Residential Plumbing Mean?

Residential plumbing refers to any plumbing-related fixture or system in a home. This includes big things from the water heater to a home’s piping, as well as small things like faucets, fixtures, and drains. As experienced residential plumbers, Meares Plumbing has the know-how to tackle virtually any residential plumbing issue that you are dealing with. And if you’re not sure what type of plumbing service is necessary at your home, we can give you a comprehensive breakdown of everything through one of our plumbing inspections. 


The Safe Plumber™

Meares Plumbing is known throughout the community for providing safe, effective plumbing services. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that all of our technicians are background-checked, have passed drug screenings, and receive continuous training to keep up with industry-best practices. We will also send a text and email once a technician is dispatched that includes their picture so that you know exactly who is arriving at your door.

Our Services

All of our skilled plumbers are able to complete a variety of residential plumbing services, including:


Not all plumbing issues are cause for a complete plumbing overhaul. If it can be fixed, you can count on Meares Plumbing to find the solution. We can repair anything from leaky faucets in your kitchen to clogged drains and toilets in your bathroom and garbage disposals. And because we know that sometimes, issues can arise at any given moment, we offer emergency plumbing repairs that you can count on. 


Unfortunately, some plumbing problems can’t be resolved with a simple repair. If this is the case at your home, you can relax knowing that we’ll handle whatever your job demands. For instance, if we determine that a plumbing fixture needs to be replaced, we can expertly install a new one.


Countless homeowners have turned to us for pipework over the years, and our experience in this niche plumbing category is unmatched by our competitors. Whether you’re remodeling or just need repiping done, we’re more than capable of completing the task.

Water Heater Installation

We offer top-of-the-line water heaters for our customers. We have a selection of different types and can make a recommendation as to which will be best for your home.

Water Softener Installation

We can help eliminate the hard water issues you are having at your home by installing a high-quality water softener. These systems leave homeowners’ water smelling, tasting, and feeling better.

On top of these day-to-day plumbing situations, we’re also committed to helping homeowners improve their water quality and to address hard-water issues. As part of our Safe Water™ Guarantee, we can custom-make a water system to address the specific water problems that you and your family are having.

Regardless of the service you turn to us for, you can expect a straightforward, guaranteed price before we even begin your plumbing work. While other plumbers may charge by the hour and have hidden fees, we provide an upfront price so you know exactly what the service will cost with no surprises.


Trust The Safe Plumber™ for any residential plumbing services you need at your Trinity, FL, home. Contact Meares Plumbing today to get started.


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